Art Director
Copy Writer

2020 - 2022
Ad Club is a probono advertising agency at Boston University that work clients mainly based in Boston. Ad Club offers content design, strategy, and research to other BU organizations, BU-affiliated companies, and companies within the Boston area.
At the agency, I started off as a Junior Varsity for 4 months working with mock-clients before being promoted to Varsity where I've worked a variety of positions including Art Director, Copy Writer, and Strategist.
Junior Varsity Art Director
As a Junior Varsity member, we worked in a team of 4 members consisting of 2 Art Directors (including me), copywriter, and strategist. The goal of our project was to chose a mock-client, in our case it was Kentucky Fried Chicken, and create a PSA ad centered around the pandemic.
As an Art Director, I worked closely with the copywriter to design a KFC logo, and then, using Adobe Photoshop, I added it onto the chicken bucket and designed two versions of the ad below. 
In the first version, I included COVID-related products and in the second option, I wanted the actual logo & bucket to shine.
During my second half as Junior Varsity, I was given an individual project to create a PSA-ad based on Global Warming. This was one of the larger tasks where I used Adobe Photoshop to design the poster to the left. 
The entire process took a week, from locating images to photomanipulation using Photoshop.
On the left was the dark reality of factories pumping out toxics and was created combining 5-6 images of various degrees. On the right was a scenic image of birds in the distance, blooming flowers gracing a hill, and rolling clouds all tied together by a bright tree. This side took the longest, with over 10+ images compiled and rendered together. 
Working in Varsity meant working with real clients through probono designs. In my case, I worked with Breathe Well Fitness to create 2 versions of branding flyers for them to pass out in door and include with their product shipment. Additionally, I designed 3 version of stickers that can be sold, gifted, and placed on a variety of surfaces.
Below was both versions of the flyers I designed based on client feedback and request.
Marketing Flyers
Promotion Stickers
Moving away from the hands-on creative work, I decided to work in a position that further aligned with my future career goals in either marketing or communications.
During my last semester with Ad Club, I worked as a strategist with a different client. As a strategist, I focused on creating the client brief that will be supplied to copywriters and art directors. Using my past experience as an art director, I tailored the client brief to make it easier to understand for my team members.
To create the client brief, I researched external and internal sources on the following information about the client:
1. Client Background
2. Client objective for AdClub and my team
3. Unique selling proposition that makes the client stand out from competitors
4. Target Audience that the client wants to branch out to
5. What the consumer thinks of the client upon first glance of the website
6. Deliverables that the art director(s) and copywriter(s) will be producing and sent to the client
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