Business Development Intern (5 weeks) 
Alliances Optimization Intern (5 weeks)

June 2021 - August 2021
Protegrity is a cybersecurity company that focuses on data encryption through cloud software and is partnered with Amazon Web Services. Their industry-leading solutions allow businesses to finally tap into the value of their data and accelerate digital transformation timelines – without jeopardizing individuals’ fundamental right to privacy.

I spent 10 weeks as an intern at Protegrity, where I started off as a Business Development Intern and created18 detailed account plans. Using SalesForce, annual 10-Ks, and external sources, I performed in-depth research about target companies including finance, market/industry analysis, point of contact, ways Protegrity can aid the client, etc.
As a business development intern, I worked closely with a mentoring Account Manager where I independently created 18 detailed account plans for target/potential clients that Protegrity can work with. In the account plans, I researched external sources and the company's annual 10ks to craft a document that my Account Manager can work from in order to properly contact clients.

Below are examples of a few companies I've researched, but with their identities blurred for confidentiality.
Alliances optimization intern
As an alliances optimization intern, I was tasked with researching our e-learning Platform, Brainshark through the data provided by my senior manager.
Using Adobe Photoshop, I designed 4 infographics for Protegrity to analyze the usefulness and effectiveness of their new online e-learning platform that trains their partners to aid in reaching out to client companies. Using Excel, I analyzed over 2000+ rows of data and 4 worksheets to calculate averages of time spent per course, duration (by days), and measured success through who fully completed the course with a passing grade.
*The infographics's sensitive data are purposely blurred out for confidentiality.
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