The Tropical Society is a fashion line specializing in handmade bikinis. As an Account Manager, I led a team of 8 Marketing Consultants to conduct industry & competitive research. Using Photoshop and Google Slides, I designed the presentation deck, marketing campaign materials, and created a 12-page handbook. 
D e l i v e r a b l e s
Presentation deck compiling 4-month long project about market & competitor investigation, 20-question survey question data analysis, and 6 marketing campaigns.
Per one of their marketing tactics that can involve PR packages, I designed 3 example images they can post on their Instagram. 
12 page handbook
The first 3 pages of the handbook entail the cover page, table of content, and SWOT analysis conducted by the group. The handbook is intended to compile and condense the semester-long project into readable content. 
Target Personas and Interview Insights
The 2nd part of the handbook includes the clickable images that direct the client to a cleaned-up Google Sheets file of 20 micro and macro-influencers they can reach out too, including potential college ambassadors, and links to the presentation. Next, after conducting multi-channel outreach, the team created target personals and held interviews to gather more target consumer insights.
Marketing campaigns
The 3rd part of the handbook entails the 6 marketing campaigns created for the client to reach their goal: increase customer retention, create/design an ambassador program, and aid brand awareness. 
Lastly, concluding the project are the takeaways and credit page. The takeaways include an explanation of what the team suggests on what The Tropical Society can improve. 
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